Episode 49 - MNDR

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Amanda Warner is MNDR and on this episode she shares her story: from growing up on a farm in North Dakota to auditioning to play bass for Hole (!) to the warehouse world of Oakland, to having a number one song in Europe, to writing a thousand songs for other artists, and, if you can believe it, much much more.

She is amazing, an A+ guest, I loved talking to her, and you will love listening to her, so please do that!

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Episode 48 - Them Jeans

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Recorded out in LA back in March of 2015, my guest this week is LA based slasher Jason Stewart. He's the DJ slash podcaster slash music supervisor slash "food enthusiast" known as Them Jeans.

We talk about the heyday of blog djing in the mid 2000's, DJ's complaining, and a variety of other subjects as I unload all of my DJ related material on him.

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Episode 45 - Ed Droste (Grizzly Bear)

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Welcome to episode 45 of No Effects with Jesse Cohen! On this episode, my guest, Ed Droste, and I talk about the early days of his band Grizzly Bear, moving to Los Angeles, envying DJ's, writing music for the radio, and much much more.

FYI: I recorded this conversation at Ed's home in Los Angeles back in March, about 6 months ago.

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